Foster Children


Young children involved with child welfare have faced challenges in their young lives and need extra support so they can heal.

Early childhood experiences can affect children's development and have a lasting effect on their lives. Infants and toddlers in child welfare are especially vulnerable.

Relationships are critical to set them on a path for healthy development and brighter outcomes.

For additional information on early childhood adversity and child welfare, visit the following resources:

Access information about what trauma is, how it affects children, and recommendations for serving children who are exposed to complex or traumatic stress.
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Quick facts on young children in foster care.
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Infants and toddlers in foster care require special care to develop their full potential. All partners who work with them have a role.
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Access videos and further knowledge on the impact maltreatment can have on the developing brain.
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Access one of the largest online sources for issues addressing child welfare, the families, and children they serve.
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