Sponge Painting



Move over Picasso – there’s a new artist in town! Painting is a creative form of expression for your toddler and hey, who can resist those bright colors and the mess it’ll make? This activity is guaranteed to delight your child.

How To

What You’ll Need:

  • Sponge
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Child-safe paints or food coloring
  • Paper plates or shallow plastic containers
  • Plastic sheet, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil
  • Tape
  • Piece of 8-½ x 11 paper or construction paper


Tape a plastic sheet, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil on a low table or the floor. Pour a small amount of paint or food coloring into paper plate or shallow plastic container. Cut the sponge in pieces and dip one side in paint or food coloring. Show your child how to press the sponge pieces on paper to create a colorful masterpiece.

Neat Tip – To make this a clean activity, place a sheet of paper and the paint-dipped sponge pieces in a plastic bag. Seal the bag and let your child press her hands on it. Pull out the paper and dry.


This Activity Helps Your Child’s Brain Develop:

  • Creativity
  • Fine Motor Skills