Make-Believe Balance Beam



Toddlers need physical activity every day, but we realize that there isn’t always time to head to the park or play outside. Here’s a fun idea to get your toddler moving without ever leaving your living room!

How To

What You’ll Need:

  • Pillows
  • Sofa cushions
  • Blankets

Create a make-believe “balance beam” that your toddler can walk, jump, or hop across. Line up as many pillows and cushions as possible, starting with the widest and transitioning to narrower, smaller items to add a little bit of challenge. Let your toddler “jump off” the beam and onto a soft blanket for a “victory dance” in honor of completing the task. Repeat as many times as you like! 


This Activity Helps Your Child’s Brain Develop:

  • Numeracy Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Creativity