1, 2, 3, Count With Me!

Try this fun activity to talk with your child about numbers in your home!

Potter the Otter Puppet

Now your kids can have their own Potter the Otter puppet and create their own adventures!

Potter the Otter Activity Sheet

See how many words you can uncover in this Potter word search.

Potter the Otter Activity Sheet

See if you can see what is different about Potter and his friends.

Potter the Otter Activity Sheets

Download 12 activities, including connect the dots, coloring sheets, and more.

Potter the Otter Activity Sheet

See how many items you can find that are wrong in the picture.

The Power of Play

Children learn through play. Here are some fun games you can play together

Connect the Dots

Draw from point to point to reveal Potter the Otter.

Sticker Calendar

Make healthy eating and exercise more fun for your kids!

Learning Center

Talk. Read. Sing.

You can impact your child’s brain development from day one.

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Free Downloads

Quit smoking for good.

Learn about free counseling and referral services.

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