Bruce Bowen, former NBA star and current Clipper Analyst spends the day reading with preschoolers.

Bruce Bowen treats a special group of preschoolers in Watts, CA to a Dr. Seuss celebration and talks about why reading to kids is so important at this age.

Comedian Maz Jobrani Sees Results from Engaging with His Kids

Maziyar "Maz" Jobrani, is an Iranian-American comedian and actor who is also a dad of two who talks about the ways talking, reading, and singing has impacted his kids' development.

ESPN's Marcellus Wiley's Role as Dad Today

Talking, reading, and singing with his family helped Marcellus become the success he is today and wants other parents to do the same to prepare their kids for school and life.

Former Baseball Pitcher Mike Krukow Brings the Grandparent Perspective into Play

The "reading chair" has become a family favorite in the Krukow household where stories are told, books are read, and songs are sung.

Former LA Galaxy Soccer player Rafael Garcia talks Talk. Read. Sing. and strengthening children's brains.

Rafael Garcia describes the similarities of strength training for the field to strength training his daughter's brain. All it takes is talking, reading, and singing!

Los Angeles Dodgers Catcher Yasmani Grandal lives two dreams on the same day.

Yasmani Grandal of the Los Angeles Dodgers had two life-changing experience on the same day. A World Series Game and the birth of his son.

NBA Champion Mychal Thompson describes raising champions of his own.

ESPN-LA radio host Mychal Thompson talks about raising his three sons and the influence talking, reading, and singing has had on their later success.

Oakland A's Marcus Semien Credits His Parents and Grandmother for Preparing Him for School and Beyond

Play time is everything in the Semien home. Marcus talks about how important reading was during his own childhood and how he translates that into parenting his son today.

Sac & Co TV host Mellissa Paul explains the benefits of singing with young kids.

Mellissa Paul, host of Sac & Co and ABC-10 Morning News in Sacramento, walks you through the benefits of singing with your kids every day.

San Francisco Giants player Brandon Belt joins his family in sharing Talk. Read. Sing. message.

Brandon Belt and wife Hailee film a PSA with their son Grayson to spread the message of the importance of talking, reading, and singing with kids right from the start.

SF Giants Player Brandon Belt Talks Balancing Baseball and Being a Dad

Brandon Belt knows the earliest years are the most important in his son's brain development and with a busy baseball schedule to compete with, find as much time to talk, read, and sing with him as possible.

The Daily Bumps YouTube family takes you through a day-in-the-life…that includes READING!

Life might get busy, but The Daily Bumps shows how they always fit talking, reading, and singing into the mix.

YouTube sensations the "Eh Bee Family" shares home videos showcasing Talk. Read. Sing.

The Eh Bee Family takes a walk down memory lane to share how talking, reading, and singing were all present in their kids' upbringing.

YouTube Star Dulce Candy Celebrates the Role of Dad

Popular YouTube and Social Media star Dulce Candy is a wife, mother, and army vet who takes time with her husband to talk, read, and sing with their son daily.

How I Really Got Here - The Sgt. Emada Tingirides Story

Sgt. Emada Tingirides shares her story and how Talk. Read. Sing.® helped her get through a difficult childhood and become a force for good in her community.

President Obama's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to President Obama discusses the importance of early childhood education and why you should Talk. Read. Sing. to your child from day one.

Hilary Clinton's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to Former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, explain the importance of talking, reading, and singing with your child from an early age to promote healthy brain development.

Senator Bill Frist's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to Senator Bill Frist discuss the importance of building a strong vocabulary from a young age by talking, reading, and singing to your child.

Cindy McCain's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to Cindy McCain describe the importance of educating your child from the earliest years of life to prepare him or her for future years of learning.

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