"Good Day LA" Series Parenting with Purpose covers Dual Language Learning.

First 5 California Commissioner Alejandra Campoverdi sits down with Fox-11 Morning News to explain how dual-language learning benefits young children.

"Good Day LA" Series Parenting with Purpose Covers Reading.

Fox-11 Morning News explores the importance of reading with kids right from the start.

"Sac & Co" Series Discusses Early Math.

Hear experts share advice on how to incorporate Early Math skills into everyday routines.

Bruce Bowen, former NBA star and current Clipper Analyst spends the day reading with preschoolers.

Bruce Bowen treats a special group of preschoolers in Watts, CA to a Dr. Seuss celebration and talks about why reading to kids is so important at this age.

Building Language Skills from Birth

Starting from birth, those early months and years of a child's life are the most critical for speech and language development because the brain is best able to absorb language during this period.

CBS Sacramento Covers First 5 California and Sacramento Kings Reading Celebration.

Sacramento Kings Legend Doug Christie joined First 5 California in celebrating Read Across America Day by reading and singing with over 200 preschoolers. CBS Sacramento covered the event.

Comedian Maz Jobrani Sees Results from Engaging with His Kids

Maziyar "Maz" Jobrani, is an Iranian-American comedian and actor who is also a dad of two who talks about the ways talking, reading, and singing has impacted his kids' development.

ESPN's Marcellus Wiley's Role as Dad Today

Talking, reading, and singing with his family helped Marcellus become the success he is today and wants other parents to do the same to prepare their kids for school and life.

First 5 California Celebrates 20 Years for Kids

First 5 California Celebrates 20 Years for Kids. We're committed to supporting the healthy development of children from birth through age 5.

Former Baseball Pitcher Mike Krukow Brings the Grandparent Perspective into Play

The "reading chair" has become a family favorite in the Krukow household where stories are told, books are read, and songs are sung.

Former LA Galaxy Soccer player Rafael Garcia talks Talk. Read. Sing. and strengthening children's brains.

Rafael Garcia describes the similarities of strength training for the field to strength training his daughter's brain. All it takes is talking, reading, and singing!

Give the Phone a Rest

In today's technology-driven world, distractions and interruptions are constantly around us. Take the time to focus on being present with your child - both physically and emotionally.

Laundry Day with Grandma

Folding clothes may seem like a mundane task - but narrating laundry day to baby is actually a great brain-boosting opportunity (especially when you make it fun like this grandma)!

Los Angeles Dodgers Catcher Yasmani Grandal lives two dreams on the same day.

Yasmani Grandal of the Los Angeles Dodgers had two life-changing experience on the same day. A World Series Game and the birth of his son.

NBA Champion Mychal Thompson describes raising champions of his own.

ESPN-LA radio host Mychal Thompson talks about raising his three sons and the influence talking, reading, and singing has had on their later success.

Newborn Conversations

It might feel a little awkward to talk with a tiny newborn who can't talk back. But these early conversations are more valuable than you may realize.

Oakland A's Marcus Semien Credits His Parents and Grandmother for Preparing Him for School and Beyond

Play time is everything in the Semien home. Marcus talks about how important reading was during his own childhood and how he translates that into parenting his son today.

Raising a Reader

Instilling a love of reading in your child is one of the best gifts you can give them. The best part about reading aloud is that you don't need any special tools or a lot of money - it's just you, your child, and a book!

Sac & Co TV host Mellissa Paul explains the benefits of singing with young kids.

Mellissa Paul, host of Sac & Co and ABC-10 Morning News in Sacramento, walks you through the benefits of singing with your kids every day.

San Francisco Giants player Brandon Belt joins his family in sharing Talk. Read. Sing. message.

Brandon Belt and wife Hailee film a PSA with their son Grayson to spread the message of the importance of talking, reading, and singing with kids right from the start.

SF Giants Player Brandon Belt Talks Balancing Baseball and Being a Dad

Brandon Belt knows the earliest years are the most important in his son's brain development and with a busy baseball schedule to compete with, find as much time to talk, read, and sing with him as possible.

The Daily Bumps YouTube family takes you through a day-in-the-life…that includes READING!

Life might get busy, but The Daily Bumps shows how they always fit talking, reading, and singing into the mix.

The Power of Singing and Music

Research shows that singing songs every day helps stimulate your child's brain development, supports rhythmic development, and helps form an intimate bond - starting from birth.

YouTube sensations the "Eh Bee Family" shares home videos showcasing Talk. Read. Sing.

The Eh Bee Family takes a walk down memory lane to share how talking, reading, and singing were all present in their kids' upbringing.

YouTube Star Dulce Candy Celebrates the Role of Dad

Popular YouTube and Social Media star Dulce Candy is a wife, mother, and army vet who takes time with her husband to talk, read, and sing with their son daily.

Brainy Birds & Counting

Did you know that babies' brains are wired for math? First 5 California's "Brainy Birds" are sharing an important message about early math skills -- including counting those little toes together right from the start.

Developmental Screenings

One way to track how your child's brain is developing is to make sure you get routine screenings with your pediatrician. Learn more about these screenings in this video from our partners at the First 5 Association.

"Brainy Birds"

Introducing First 5 California's Brainy Birds: Franco, Orson, and Melody! They're fun to watch - but more importantly, each of them flew in with an important story to share with families across California.

A Healthy Mouth for your Baby

Find out why baby teeth are important and tips on how to prevent early childhood tooth decay.

Brain-Building Basics

Science made simple! Remember these 5 steps to help build your child's brain.

Experiences Build Brain Architecture

Healthy development in the early years provides the building blocks for a successful future.

How I Really Got Here - The Sgt. Emada Tingirides Story

Sgt. Emada Tingirides shares her story and how Talk. Read. Sing.® helped her get through a difficult childhood and become a force for good in her community.

Baby Steps: Learn the Signs. Act Early

Early recognition of developmental disabilities such as autism is key for parents and providers. Learn more here.

Fit Kids - My Plate Food Groups

A simple guide to the five key good groups that will help keep children healthy and fit.

Nadine Burke Harris: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.

Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated stress of abuse, neglect and parents struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues has real, tangible effects on the development of the brain.

"From the Moment They're Born"

A baby's brain is developing at fantastic speeds. Parents can fuel this growth by talking, reading, and singing right from birth.

Nurturing Your Baby's Brain

Science and brain scans show that the first 3 years of life are critical for a child's brain development, which starts right at birth. Learn how to help your baby reach his or her potential!

President Obama's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to President Obama discusses the importance of early childhood education and why you should Talk. Read. Sing. to your child from day one.

Hilary Clinton's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to Former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, explain the importance of talking, reading, and singing with your child from an early age to promote healthy brain development.

Senator Bill Frist's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to Senator Bill Frist discuss the importance of building a strong vocabulary from a young age by talking, reading, and singing to your child.

Cindy McCain's Message to Parents & Caregivers

Listen to Cindy McCain describe the importance of educating your child from the earliest years of life to prepare him or her for future years of learning.

Water and Milk Are the Best Drinks for Kids

First 5 California encourages families to make healthy choices like offering water and milk to your child instead of sugary beverages like soda, fruit juices, and sports drinks.

Keeping Kids Physically Active Can Be Simple and Fun

Simple activities like building a fort with your baby can help develop motor skills, muscle strength, social and emotional growth, and more.

First 5 California Offers tips for Raising A Reader

First 5 California encourages parents to read to their child everyday from infancy to help build strong literacy skills.

Tommy vs. The Spaghetti Sauce

The best learning opportunities are in everyday moments. Take lunch time, Tommy's spaghetti lunch is putting up quite a "fight."

Olivia vs. Her Messy Room

The best learning opportunities are in everyday moments. Take clean up time, will cleaning delay Olivia from snack time?

Jenna vs. Blocks

The best learning opportunities are in everyday moment. Take playtime, will Jenna be victorious over her building blocks?

"Sac & Co" Series Celebrates Halloween and Holiday Reading Opportunities.

Happy Halloween from First 5 California! Jami Lopez (A.K.A. Pippi Longstocking) joins Sac & Co to explore the fun stories and books you can read with young kids to celebrate.

Nate And The Red Block vs. The Other Colors

The best learning opportunities are in everyday moments. Take playtime, which block will be the All-Star of Nate's playtime?

ABC-10 Morning News Interviews First 5 California Executive Director about Introducing Kids to the Kitchen.

Messes aside, your kitchen is truly an amazing laboratory for learning. Find out the scoop on this news segment with First 5 California's Executive Director Camille Maben!

Bridget vs. The Beat

The best learning opportunities are in everyday moments. Take dance time, Bridget's moves can "rock" any beat!

ABC-10 Morning News Interviews First 5 California Executive Director about Singing.

First 5 California Executive Director visits ABC-10 Morning News to talk about the importance of singing with young kids and offers tips on making it an everyday experience.

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