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Equality and Justice

Equality and Justice

A Statement from First 5 California

From the moment they're born, babies come into the world with hearts filled with love, hope, optimism, and acceptance. Our collective responsibility is to provide opportunities for those qualities to flourish in children of color across California.

First 5 California stands with families, children, and communities against all racial injustice, hate, and violence. Every act of hate and racism destroys opportunities for children to develop and grow. We must unequivocally be proactive in our role to lift up Black children and their families. We must demand a better way forward for our country, while we listen and learn from the Black community about how to better meet needs and protect their rights.

First 5 California is committed to working alongside our partners throughout the state, and across the nation to make certain we provide the support and resources necessary for children and families of color to be safe, healthy, and thrive. We remain steadfast in our commitment to building communities where children are surrounded by kindness, hope, optimism, and opportunity.

We are committed in our collective work to create systemic change and ensure every child can succeed.

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