Adding Math to Your Routine


Dad plays with a baby and blocks

The key to remember is that early numeracy begins through play - because that’s how young children learn best. You can easily incorporate math into things you're already doing together throughout your day.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Count those fingers and toes, and everything around you. Bottles, books, toys, you name it. You can do this anywhere! At the supermarket, count out apples as you place them in the bag; when you’re out for a drive, count the cars on the road. At snack time, count slices of fruit or bites together. "Let's have two crackers! I’m going to fill your sippy cup with milk."
  • Talk about things that are big, medium, and small. "That’s a big truck! That’s a small shoe." Change the tone of your voice (louder to softer) to help explain the concept.
  • Give your child simple tasks in the kitchen like pouring and measuring ingredients. Explain to your child the difference between a cup of flour versus a teaspoon of cinnamon. Sort through your ingredients and kitchen tools together by color, shape, size or type (round objects like apples, oranges; silver objects like spoons and forks, etc.)
  • Encourage simple play like stacking blocks or filling containers with water in the tub.
  • During story time, choose books that not only include numbers but also shapes. Identifying triangles, rectangles, squares and circles is considered to be a very early form of geometry! Sort your books together by shape and size (square board books, rectangular board books, small books, large books, etc.).
  • Sing songs that incorporate numbers and counting, like "Five Little Monkeys," "Ten in the Bed," and "One Potato, Two Potato."

Check out more activities and ideas to further build those math skills.

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