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Working Parents

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Today, the majority of parents with young kids work. This means that most parents, at one point or another, have to put their child in the capable hands of another adult.

Some parents have mixed emotions about leaving their child with another family member, babysitter, or day care - often feeling guilty or sad. These reactions are normal and show that there is a strong bond between you and your child.

Finding the right child care situation is a very personal decision for parents. It is also one of the most important decisions a parent can make, since the care children receive will help shape their development.

Just remember that a child's brain develops through interaction with you and the world. Your child can absolutely thrive in high-quality child care - and you can reap the benefits of going back to work and taking care of your family's other needs.

Choosing Quality Child Care

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Your child deserves the best. That includes the best child care. A child's early experiences create the foundation for lifelong learning and affect how he thinks, feels, acts, and plays with others.

Since selecting a child care provider is so important, be patient and start looking early. It can take time to find the best caregiver for your child. If you are pregnant and you know you will be returning to work after giving birth, start looking into child care options as early as the second trimester or six months beforehand if possible.

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