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Try to set aside time to read every day - perhaps before naptime and bedtime. Also look for opportunities to read on-the-go to make reading part of your child's everyday routine. Children will better understand their surroundings if you read the world around them.

Book _iconWays to Make Reading Part of Your Kid's Daily Life:

  • Read your shopping list with your child and ask him to help you find the items.
  • Read the food labels on everything from soup cans to cereal boxes.
  • Read road signs and billboards when you're out driving.
  • Bring books with you wherever you go. Keep a few books in your diaper bag to fill time waiting at the doctor's office or a bus stop.
  • Arrange day trips related to a book you just read. For example, if your child enjoyed a story about fire trucks, take a trip to your local fire station.
  • Visit your local library often and encourage your child to get a free library card. Many libraries offer activities for kids, including free story times.

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