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A young child's skin is delicate and sensitive. That's why many kids get a diaper rash or heat rash.

Some children also have a long-term skin problem called eczema.

Diaper Rash
Signs and Symptoms

  • Red, raw skin under the diaper.
  • Red spots can spread to thighs, belly, and back.

Smileyicon What You Can Do

  • Change diaper as soon as it gets wet.
  • Use warm water to clean baby's bottom at each diaper change.
  • Keep the diaper off as long as you can, ideally at least 15 minutes at each diaper change.
  • Dry baby's bottom well and place a thin layer of diaper rash ointment.
  • Use a mild soap to wash cloth diapers.

Heat Rash
Signs and Symptoms

  • Tiny red or pink bumps on the neck, back, or shoulders.

Smileyicon What You Can Do

  • Dress baby lightly.
  • Give your baby a cool bath without soap and let the skin air dry.
  • Don't use creams or oils.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Red, dry skin on cheeks, behind ears, on inside of elbows and the back of knees.
  • Skin feels like it has small bumps on it.
  • Skin may ooze clear liquid and crust over.

Smileyicon What You Can Do

  • Give your child short, cool baths of less than 5 minutes, using a mild soap.
  • Pat the skin dry after a bath. Don't rub the skin with a towel.
  • Use a mild soap when washing clothes.
  • Dress your child in soft cotton clothing that doesn't itch.
  • Keep fingernails short and hands clean to help prevent your child from scratching.

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