What to Expect

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During your child's first few years, you'll visit the doctor regularly. Follow your doctor's advice for scheduling well-baby checkups. The schedule varies from doctor to doctor, but generally follows this pattern:



Steth _icon During a checkup, the doctor will examine your baby from head to toe.

  • Head:

    Soft spots should be open and flat for the first few months. The spot at the back of the head usually closes by 2-3 months, while the front soft spot closes around 18 months. The doctor will also measure your child's head size.


  • Ears:

    Doctor will look in both ears for signs of ear infection.


  • Eyes:

    Doctor will use a bright object or flashlight to track your baby's eye movements and look in the eyes.


  • Mouth:

    Doctor will check for signs of infection and teething progress.


  • Heart and Lungs:

    Doctor will place a stethoscope on the front and back of your child's chest to check breathing and heart sounds.


  • Stomach:

    Doctor will place a hand on your child's abdomen and gently press to make sure all the organs are fine.


  • Hips and Legs:

    Doctor will move your baby's legs up and down, and in a gentle circular motion to make sure the hips are alright.


  • Be sure to talk to your doctor about any concerns or questions you may have about your child.

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