Finding Time

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Finding time every day for your child's physical activity can seem hard. But remember — the recommended 60 minutes of play your child needs every day doesn't have to be all at once. It's the total amount of time that counts, so add it up! Plus, physical activity for kids under 5 is more than running and jumping. It can be as simple as:

Finding _time
  • For babies - rolling over and supervised “tummy time” to build arm and neck muscles.
  • For toddlers - learning to climb stairs, twirling around the family room, and chasing bubbles.
  • For preschoolers - dancing, stretching, hula hooping, and jumping rope.

Make Fitness “Fit” Into Everyday Activities:

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  • Ask your child to help with age-appropriate household chores like sweeping the floor with a small broom or walking with you while you take out the trash.
  • Encourage your child to walk beside you in the grocery store instead of riding in the shopping cart.
  • Walk more and drive less whenever you can when running errands. Walking is great for you and the kids — and it saves gas and bus money too!
  • Take the stairs instead of riding in elevators or on escalators whenever possible.
  • Place toys slightly out of reach so your baby will stretch and reach for them.

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