The nature that resides in your own backyard, balcony, or neighborhood park might be one of the most entertaining “theaters” your child will ever visit. Bird-watching is a great example of a nature activity that you can do together outdoors.

How To

What You’ll Need:

  • Access to the outdoors – preferably a backyard, park, or balcony
  • A library book about birds (optional)
  • Kids’ binoculars (optional)

Head outside with your child and point out the birds you see. Are they flying? Perched on a fence? Walking around on the ground? On a wire? On the roof? What kinds of sounds do they make? Count the birds you see, describe the color of their feathers, beaks, and feet. Refer to the birds in your library book, compare them against what you see, and try to find birds that match. The learning opportunities are endless! 


This Activity Helps Your Child’s Brain Develop:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Language and Vocabulary Comprehension
  • Creativity