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Object Sort



Sorting and classifying things by descriptive characteristics is a foundational early math skill that your toddler can start learning with you.

How To

What You'll Need:

  • Any objects and/or toys


Give your toddler objects and/or toys that are similar. Ask your toddler to sort them based on their color, size, shape, and type. The objects can go in bins or just in piles on the floor. Talk him through each step: "Where does this one go? In the red pile because it is red! That's right! Let's pick it up and put it next to the other red things." If your toddler needs help getting started, you can begin by putting one type of object or toy in each pile or bin. Once your toddler understands, let him do it on his own with your guidance. Your toddler could even help you sort the clean laundry with this activity – what a great little helper! This simple activity is a great way to engage in conversation together while introducing the idea of categories and grouping – future math concepts – to your toddler.


This activity helps your preschooler develop listening skills, early math skills, imitation skills, motor skills, comprehension skills, attention span, social skills, emotional understanding, and language skills.