Babies & Math


It's never too early to introduce your little one to math skills. In fact, you've probably already started without even realizing it.



One of the earliest "math experiences" a baby will ever have is through music. That's because beats, rhythms, and melodies are actually considered mathematical concepts. Simply rocking your newborn and patting his or her back while you sing a song helps your baby experience rhythmic patterns through sound and touch.

When your baby is awake, offer a rattle and shake it along to the beat of a song like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." As you sing faster, shake the rattle quickly, then slow down your singing and shake at a slower pace. This activity introduces the concept of patterns and the difference between slow and fast.

Drop & Pick Up

Help your baby learn the concept of sequencing through the act of dropping and picking up toys. Allow your little one to drop a toy from the crib or high chair. Then, go ahead and pick it up and place it where it was. Chances are very good that this activity will repeat – because babies adore this predictable sequence of events!

Object Sort

Get down on the floor with your baby and sort objects based on their color, size, shape, and type - use everything from socks to toys. This simple activity is a great way to engage in conversation with your little one while introducing classification skills that prepare the mind for future math concepts like sets.